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International Transport Ismo Rajamäki has made foreign removals since 2008 to England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland etc. All together we have done removals more than in 23 countries over last years. Removals can be very small ones or large ones. Removals can be customer hole home or workplace. Private customer’s removals are familiar to us. When you are moving to other country, you can take almost everything with you. Customs has define further provisions in different countries. When you are moving we can load your the passenger car or motorcycle.
The price of foreign moving it depending of the apartment size, number of moveable property and the migration conditions. For price estimation we need to know your exact addresses on both ends. We need to find out could we come there with big truck.


The customer can choose additional insurance migration period. This one-time transfer of insurance may be subject to the entire estate or to any individual particularly valuable object. This is good to take into account before the move, if you have very tangible personal property includes eg. Valuable works of art, musical instruments or furniture.
However, the contents are always properly packaged and fragile items must be carefully protected during the move.
We have CMR insurance during transportation.This insurance covers damage during the transportation 8.33 € / kg caused by the customer's personnel movables.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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